1383 Simple High-Power Motor Controller 24v23

Need to solder 10AWG wires into Vin, Gnd, OutA, and OutB pads. Pads are too small for 10 AWG wire. Suggestions??

I’ve reviewed my power requirements and determined that 14AWG wire will handle approx 30Amp (with 70 degree C Temp Rise).

If larger gauge wire is required, then use short (under 3") 14AWG wire to solder into pads of 1383 controller, then splice up to the larger AWG wire for the longer runs.


It sounds like you found a solution using a smaller gage wire and splicing it to your 10 AWG wire. By the way, if your motor uses 10 AWG wire because it draws 30A or over, I would not recommend the Simple Motor Controller 24v23; it is not appropriate for that much current.



I sort of over engineered the distributions wires for my boat. The high voltage battery will need to supply approximately 60 amps between three motors, so I sized all the 36V wires at 10 AWG, not necessary for each motor circuit as each motor will draw a max of 20 amps, so 14AWG wire and one each 24v23 simple motor controller should do just fine.


New subject matter but related to the 24v23 controller: I see that there is a temperature shut-down feature on the controller. Is there an external trigger associated with the temperature “fault” that could be utilized to activate a cooling fan? I see the the “ERROR” pin is associated with faults that causes the controller to stop the motor, not specifically related to the controller temperature.


Yes, the ERR pin on the Simple Motor Controller will trigger for any error, not just over temperature conditions. If you want to use temperature data from the Simple Motor Controller, you could read the temperature form the Simple Motor Controller serially using a microcontroller. You can read more about the serial interface in the Simple Motor Controller user’s guide.