12V motor and PC Power

Good Morning,

I have a 12V Gear Motor (amazon.com/gp/product/B00858 … ge_o01_s00) and a Simple Motor Controller 18v7.

I am trying to figure out a good source of power for the motor. I am thinking of splicing into the 4-wire power cables in my computer. Is this a valid solution?


Hello, Stephen.

Could you tell me more about your project? Why do you want to use a computer to power your motors?

- Grant

I am doing a rotating monitor for the computer, which in turn is going to be part of my MAME Arcade Cabinet. If I am able to use the 12v connection inside the computer to power the motor and the SMC 18v7 won’t complain, then I have one less cord hanging in the inside of the cabinet.

You should make sure that your power supply can supply enough current for your motor. I did not see a stall current on the product page for that motor, but I would recommend that your power supply be able to supply at least the stall current of the motor.

- Grant