12 Stepper Motors with high RPM (1000a1200) Project

Hello, I am in the planing phase for my project
I have not purchase any components of the project yet,

Here is a summary of my project, it is a liquid dispensing of 12 liquids, each will have its own pump, Piston pumps not prestaltic because of accuracy reasons,

The challenge, I need stepper motors (specific pump) to run at a specific rate, in this case time is calculated OR the stepper motor has to spin specific rounds (which means that the pump has revolved for specific strokes number ) on both cases dispensed liquid volume is pre-determined)

100mL/min * 10 minutes = 1000 mL liquid OR
1000 rounds * ( 1mL for each stroke or piston volume) = 1000mL

I will instruct the stepper motor to spin for 10 min. OR to spin for 1000 rounds

Of course, second approach is preferred.,

Maximum RPM need to reach is around 1200RPM in most cases, number of stepper needed is around 12 and it shall be expandable with one board, Arduino mega 2560 is nominated as controller, stepper motor specs (attached) but suggestions are also welcomed,

The support I need is on the proper selection of the following:
What driver shall I use…?
Also, what power supply ?
Is this difficult to achieve?



That stepper motor is rated for 3.5A per phase, which is much higher than any of our dedicated stepper motor drivers can handle. You might be able to get that kind of current using a dual channel DC motor driver to control each stepper motor, but that has disadvantages too (e.g. doing this typically lacks useful features like current limiting and requires more complicated code to control).

What you choose for a power supply might depend on what driver you end up using, so I do not have a specific recommendation. However, 12 of those motors will require significant power, so one option might be to separate the 12 stepper motors into separate banks and power each bank separately.

How difficult it is to acheive a system like this is subjective, but it does sound like an abitious project. I suggest starting off by trying to get 1 stepper motor working how you want, then expanding on it as you go.