10cm FSLP demo problems

I was working on this 10cm fslp sensor with arduino mega2560 recently without cutting it.
I simply followed the schematic diagram from the tutorial:

and copy paste the code from:

But it didn’t gave me the expected results. I take out the position-measuring part of the code and tested it alone. I set drive line 1 as output high and drive line 2 as output low, set both sense line and R0 bottom pin as ADC input. But the read out of sense line is always zero wherever I press it. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks in advance.

Here’s the wiring diagram which followed the schematic diagram from the tutorial I mentioned earlier.



I moved your post to its own thread since it seemed like a separate issue.

Thank you for posting pictures and a description of what you are doing. I do not see anything wrong with your connections. Where on the sensor are you pressing? If you have not modified the sensor in any way, only the first inch of the sensor will provide position readings. To get the full 4″ (10 cm) range of the strip, you must cut off the three small tabs along the edge. These tabs determine the active length of the strip, so only cut all three small tabs off if you want to use the full 4" length. See the “Customizing the strip length” section of the FSLP sensor’s product page for more information about this and how to cut it for other lengths.

If that does not fix the problem, can you send me an example of what the Serial Monitor is outputting when you run the unmodified example code and firmly press on the sensor (preferably along the length of the strip)?


Hi Brandon,
Thanks for your help. It turned out to be my fault to not going through all the dovumentation throughly. I didn’t cut the tabs according to the “customizing the strip length section”.

Now it works perfectly. Thank you so much.


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