1 Motor Working, One Not On Dual Tb9051ftg

I am trying to run two motors from the Dual Tb9051ftg motor driver and after lots of struggles and connection issues, I finally have one of the motors working when I run example.py from the library. However, I cannot figure out why my second motor, which is exactly the same as the first one will not run. It is wired correctly, soldered exactly the same. If anybody has any idea what might be causing this, any help would be amazing. If you need pictures/more info feel free to ask, I just don’t know what pictures would be helpful in this case.

Hello, Garberchov.

Intermittent connections can cause all kinds of unpredictable behaviors, and the problem could also be the connections from the board to the M2 terminal blocks. Previously, when you emailed us about this topic, we noted that your soldering did not look like it was making very good connections. Have you reworked your solder to make sure they are all wetted to the pads on the board? If so, could you post some updated pictures of that (including of the bottom of the board where the terminal blocks are soldered)?


Hi, I finally got the motors working but now I am struggling to fit the wheels I bought onto the mounting adapter and then putting the mounting adaptors on to my motors. if there is any tutorial content/videos on how to do these things that would be great.

Those wheels, mounting hubs, and motors should fit together. We do not currently have any tutorials for installing them, but this picture from the motor’s product page might give you a good enough reference to go off of:

It is probably easiest to install the mounting hub on the motor shaft first. You can do this by putting the motor shaft though the hub, with the larger side of the hub flush with the end of the motor, like this:

Then, you can align the threaded holes with the motor’s D-shaft and use the included set screws to tighten it down.

After that, you can install the wheel onto the hub using the four outermost holes, and threading the screws into the hub.This picture shows the 4 mounting hole locations that line up: