Zuno 32u4 - Brownout reset

Hi everyone, probably a dumb question. When I turn on my zumo it alarms and says brownout rest. I haven’t loaded any sketches to it yet. why am I getting this message? Is it alerting a low battery?


The demo code that is loaded onto the Zumo 32U4 checks for a brownout reset, which can happen if the microcontroller’s logic voltage drops below 4.3V, although sometimes it can trigger if the voltage is slow to rise as the robot turns on. The logic voltage is provided by a regulator, so a brownout does not directly indicate low batteries, but that could be a contributing factor. Have you tried charging your batteries or using different batteries?

- Patrick

Thanks for your Feedback Patrick. It appears I had a wire reversed on an external sensor. swapped the wires and all is well.

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I am glad to hear you figured out the problem! Thank you for letting us know what it was.

- Patrick