ZumoReflectanceSensorArray Questions/Varifications

Hi All,

I would like to make sure that I understand the array correctly in the ZumoReflectanceSensorArray.h file;

unsigned char sensorPins[] = { 4, A3, 11, A0, A2, 5 };

This lists the 6 sensors and the associated pin for that sensor, correct? Digital, Analog, Digital, Analog, Analog, Digital ?

If I only want to use the two end sensors 4,5, I would rewrite it as:

unsigned char sensorPins[] = { 4,5 }; correct?

I would also need to physically remove the pins or cut the traces from the sensors not used, correct?

The reason for this is because I need the analog pins A3, A0, and A2 for extra sensors.


Hello, Zurp.

Yes, those pin numbers are associated to the actual pins connected to the individual sensors on the Zumo reflectance sensor array, but those pins are used as digital pins, not a combination of analog and digital pins.

You are also correct about needing to cut the traces for pins A0, A2, and A3 on the sensor array and removing those pin numbers from sensorPins to free up those I/O lines. Just in case you have not already seen it, the “Adding a Zumo reflectance sensor array (optional)” section in the Pololu Zumo Shield for Arduino User’s Guide discusses the process of how to disable and remap sensors.

- Amanda

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Thank you, Amanda.

I am trying to get a head start before my Zumo v1.2 gets here. I am new to this so, I thought would ask to make sure. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help!

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