Zumo32u4 - Proximity sensors not working without line sensors installed

So, as the title suggest, I’ve got an issue with the zumo32u4 proximity sensors.
I’ve written some test code to log the proximity sensor output to console, but it seems to work only with the line sensor module installed.

Do I need to remap/bridge some pins to make it work stand-alone?



We moved your post to the robots support category since it seems more appropriate here.

The proximity sensor detectors for the Zumo 32U4 are located on the front sensor array, so that needs to be installed for them to work. There are no detectors on the main control board (only emitters), though you could add your own proximity sensors if you do not want to use the Zumo front senor array. You can find more information about the Zumo 32U4 Robot’s proximity sensor system in the “Proximity Sensing” section of the user’s guide.

- Patrick