Zumo32U4 libs incompatible with rosserial_arduino?

If I download ServiceServer (a rosserial_arduino example) to my Zumo32U4 (ATmega32U4) and run rosserial_arduino, it syncs and responds to requests just fine.

If I add “#include <Zumo32U4.h>” (or even just Zumo32U4Motors.h) it has problems syncing and responding to requests, even if I don’t USE any of the Zumo32U4 functions.

So there seems to be some incompatibility between the two systems that I’d like to get resolved. I’m trying to control a Zumo32U4 with a Raspberry Pi (eventually).


From your description, it does sound like the libraries are conflicting with each other. If you can post a link to the ServiceServer library you are using, I might be able to see what could be causing the problem.

- Amanda

The ServiceServer is installed when you install and configure
rosserial_arduino, per the instructions at
The actual source the arduino is running can be found at


I briefly glanced at the documentation for rosserial_arduino and did not see anything obvious that could cause the problem you described. You might consider posting about your issue on a ROS specific forum like this one. (I noticed you already posted under the “Issues” tab of the rosserial repository on GitHub (shown here).)

- Amanda