Zumo32U4 in Webots available?

Does anyone modelled the Zumo32U4 in Webots: robot simulator (cyberbotics.com) and could provide it for educational purposes?

Or is it possible to import the https://www.pololu.com/file/0J1326/zumo-32U4-robot.step for Webots?

I never heard that a model of the Zumo32U4 robot has been created for use in the Webots simulator.However, It’s possible to import .step files into Webots.

The .step data can not be imported directly in Webots IMHO. I figured out that it may be possible via multiple conversions to get a URDF and convert it via cyberbotics/urdf2webots: Utility to convert URDF files to Webots PROTO nodes (github.com) to a Webots PROTO.