Zumo32U4 Accelerometer A to m/s^2 conversion


Does anyone have the code to convert the A value given by the accelerometer on an LSM303 on a Zumo32U4? I want to convert the raw A value into distance/seconds^2.

If not, can someone send the datasheet with the conversions? I’m struggling to find it on the internet

If you just print out the raw sensor readings, do you see the Z axis reporting values in the 16 thousands as it should be reading 1g? It appears that dividing the raw readings by 16384 (2^14) should give you the acceleration reading in g which can then be converted to m/s^2 by multiplying by 9.8

Thank you for sharing, I will test this out.

Once I have my acceleration in m/s^2, can I multiply it by s^2 to get the distance that my robot traveled in that amount of time?

To get distance from acceleration requires double integration. Any error in the accelerometer measurement will be twice integrated and accumulated in your distance estimate. Those accumulated errors means it isn’t a robust approach for distance estimation.