Zumo w/ RC Interface Boards?

I have an older Zumo circa 2012 that works just fine but seems a bit limited. Another item in my collection is a really nice R/C transmitter/receiver(s) setup used for an Ardupilot quad and/or Rover.

Whilst ordering some 3D scanner parts I noticed your RC interface boards and started wondering if there as any way to to RC-enable the Zumo because I like the compact little platform. Could somebody tell me whether or not this makes sense before I dive into the particulars?



Yes, you can control a Zumo shield with standard RC servo pulses. We have an example Arduino sketch, RCControl.ino, which does that. You can find that example inside the Zumo shield’s Arduino library, which you can find under the “Resources” tab of the Zumo’s product page.


Ok thanks. Looks pretty simple. No additional hardware required.