Zumo w/encoders

Is it possible to use your wheel encoders with the Zumo chassis?


Hello, Brian.

Our product page for the Pololu Track Set has a note regarding compatibility with the wheels:

“Although the drive sprockets are identical to the hubs used in the Pololu 42×19mm wheels, they will not work reliably with the quadrature encoder associated with those wheels. The tracks do not block enough ambient light around the teeth of the sprocket, so the encoders will be unable to achieve a good contrast between black and white unless you take special measures to shield them.”

Additionally, only one of the two encoder mounting holes lines up with a mounting hole on the chassis, and the acrylic mounting plate and encoders will not fit together on the Zumo. You might be able to get it to work with a lot of customization, but it’s not something we recommend or could offer you much help with.


That helps, thanks.