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Zumo Stacks On Shield

Hi Pololu,

I put a post up in the projects but thought I’d add another picture here.

Now I am sure I could do this neater if I had time and also the resources to do a double-sided PCB… But, it works and is good enough for now.

However, I can’t be the only one that wanted to add some extra shields or specifically the LCD shield to the top of the Zumo and see the screen. So, why don’t you guys release a “Zumo Stacks On Shield”. You can even use the name. :slight_smile:

Happy to put up some more pics, but basically I had to add a row of tall header pins to the outside edge of the Zumo (where you guys have conveniently put the holes) and then this shield sits on top of that. Clears the Arduino board by about 4 or 5 mm. Perfect!


That’s a cool project! Thanks for the suggestion. We will take it under consideration.

- Zeeshan

I was going to suggest the same thing here. I think Zumo platform has good potential. It is compact, reliable mobility and very decent on board sensors. It has advantage of easy Arduino programming environment and resources. I think the “Zumo Stacks On Shield” would help bridging the hardware side and adds value to the Zumo platform.