Zumo shield motors barely turning

So I assembled my zumo shield 1.2 with 1:30 motors (1000rpm) ones and with fresh batteries

When tracks are on and the robot is held in air motors can’t handle the torque and can’t move the tracks

When tracks are off motors spin freely but can be stoped with a finger easily

The robot and axis are assembled correctly and tracks can be manually moved freely when powered off

To troubleshoot i connected up my 2S li-po and it gave little bit more torque enough to spin the tracks but not enough to move the robot

What could be the issue here? I also tried different motor speeds 100-1500 in increments of 100 which helped a little bit

Thank you in advance for all the tips


I think you meant to say that you are using 30:1 motors, not 1:30 motors. We generally do not recommend using that low of a gear ratio on the Zumo (the lowest ratio we recommend for that is 50:1), but you should be able to get your Zumo at least marginally working using 30:1 high-power gearmotors.

Are you using our Zumo Shield library for testing your Zumo? Can you use the ZumoMotorExample.ino program in that library to test your motors and tell us what happens?

- Patrick

So it’s a motor problem?

I will try different motors Thanks

I’m using the motor example and getting these results

I suspect it is a motor problem, but that is not yet clear. Can you post some pictures of your Zumo robot and a video that demonstrates the problem?

Did you get your motors directly from us, and if so, can you confirm which product number they are? If you did not get them directly from us, can you post a link the product page where you got the motors?

- Patrick

I’ve got these motors from aliexpress because original motors are very expensive and i think this is the problem

I will try to buy lower rpm ones just to try them as 4 of them cost less than one original

Sometimes, junk is cheap because it really is worthless, which means that you lose twice.

I know but i’ve got the shield kit for free so i don’t wanna invest much