Zumo Shield dimensions


What are the dimensions of the Zumo shield? Sorry if this information is already posted somewhere; I couldn’t find it.

I am trying to figure out if an STM32 Nucleo board could fit on the Zumo shield.


Hello, Jonathan.

You can see a link to our “Zumo Shield for Arduino, v1.2 drill guide” DXF file that includes the board’s dimensions and drill locations under the “Resources” tab of the Zumo Shield product page. You can open DXF files in CAD programs (for a free one, try DraftSight) and many vector graphics programs, and you can measure whatever dimensions are relevant to your application.

I think the main measurement you are looking for would be the distance between the Zumo tracks (since the Arduino would sit between them when installed). I measured one of our assembled Zumo robots for Arduino and that distance was about 70mm (which looks like the same width as your STM32 Nucleo board, so the threads might rub against it slightly). You might look into extending those headers (possibly with something like our Stackable 0.100" Female Header Set for Arduino Shields) to get the Nucleo board above the Zumo tracks.