Zumo Robot verify errors

I have a just built a Zumo Shield Arduino Uno Robot. I have a new MacBook Air / OSX 10.8.4 / Arduino v 1.05. I have downloaded the ZumoShieldMaster libraries, placed them in the Sketchbook directory, and they show up and open in the Arduino software. When I try to verify the sketches, there are multiple (about 10) errors. Many read like this:

ZumoMotorExample:14: error: ‘ZumoMotors’ does not name a type
ZumoMotorExample:33: error: ‘Motors’ was not declared in this scope.

I have no idea what the problem is. Other simple sketch compile and load without a problem to the Arduino.
Thank You, John B

Hi, John.

I am sorry you are having trouble with the Zumo Shield libraries. It seems you have not properly installed the Zumo Shield libraries. In order to install the libraries, first close your Arduino IDE (if you currently have it running), and then move each of the library folders (Pushbutton, QTRSensors, ZumoBuzzer, ZumoExamples, ZumoMotors, and ZumoReflectanceSensorArray) into the “libraries” subdirectory inside your Arduino sketchbook directory. After installing the libraries, start your Arduino IDE again so it can find the Zumo Shield libraries.

- Zeeshan

Hello Zeeshan,

Thank you for your suggestion. I replaced the individual folders in the sketchbook directory. They had all originally been in the ZumoShieldMaster folder. Eliminating this folder made all the difference. The sketches are now compiling and loading correctly. Great and quick help. I appreciate it.

Regards, John