Zumo Robot for Arduino, v1.2 with Adafruit Wingshield R3

I just purchased a Zumo Robot fo Arduino - very nice design…
I was wondering if it is possible to use the Zumo shield with other Arduino compatible shields such as the Adafruit Wingshield? When I stack the shields - arduino >> wingshield >> zumo shield, I am not able to upload to the Arduino.



What Arduino model are you using? Is the Proto-Screwshield (Wingshield) R3 Kit for Arduino the wingshield you are referring to? Could you try uploading to the Arduino with just the Zumo shield attached and then try uploading with only the Wingshield attached to see if the problem is really a conflict between the two devices or something else?


Hi Nathan –

I am using an Uno R3 and the Proto-Screwshield (Adafruit P/N 196). I can upload to the Arduino when the wingshield is attached, and I can upload to the Arduino when it is connected to the Zumo shield. When I place the wingshield in series between the Arduino and the Zumo shield the upload hangs.

I have run into a similar problem when I tried to place the wingshield between the Arduino and an Adafruit Motor Shield which I had assumed was and I2C issue. But maybe something else is going on.

I don’t particularly care about the wingshield – I was just trying different configurations – ideally I would like to be able to add shields for XBee communication and data logging.

Is there any “easy” way to add an additional row of headers on either side of the Arduino. The holes are there, but it looks as if they are blocked by the chassis?



I am not sure why using both shields would behave that way, though the Arduino UNO is programmed over the serial pins (D0 and D1) . Those pins are not connected to any components (other than headers) on the Zumo shield and, as best I can tell from the pictures, they are not connected to any components on the wingshield either (other than the screw terminals). You might try testing with other combinations of shields (including without the Zumo shield) to see if you can find a common one that is causing the problem.

The Arduino’s pins are all exposed on the headers adjacent to the Arduino’s connections on the Zumo shield. The 0.1" Screw Terminal Blocks do fit into those headers with an Arduino UNO installed, though there is not much extra clearance for wiring with the tread. They might work for your application if you are careful. Standard male or female 0.1" headers should also work in those locations as well.