Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array

How can we use the Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array without zumo shield? How can I connect it to Arduino Uno. What is the libray? How can i use it without the Zumo shield for line follower? And finally, where can i get code from?


Sure; you can use the Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array without the Zumo shield. You would need to individually connect each sensor’s pin on the sensor array to your Arduino Uno as well as the power and ground pins. You can find a few pinout diagrams of the sensor array showing which pins are connected to which sensor under the “Adding a Zumo reflectance sensor array” section of the Pololu Zumo Shield for Arduino User’s Guide.

Considering you are trying to use the Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array without the shield, you can use the Arduino library for the Pololu QTR Reflectance Sensors.

By the way, if you do not already have a Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array, I recommend using one of our new QTR Reflectance Sensors since the connections might be easier. There are three groups of the new sensors, varying in board width, number of sensors, and optimal sensing distance. Choosing the most appropriate sensor(s) for you will depend on your build, but if you’re looking for a sensor comparable to the Zumo sensor array, the QTR-MD-08RC or QTR-MD-06RC have the closest spacing and sensitivity to the Zumo sensor.

- Amanda