Zumo RC


Has anyone tried to make a Zumo RC robot?

i am working with the complete Zumo kit and this IR sensor

tsop 1736

I need some help because i dont know how to connect it to the Shield.

any ideas of how can i make a Zumo RC?

Thanks :smiley:


We have seen projects that convert the Zumo to RC, such as this RC Zumo example that is listed in the user’s guide. However, this was done using a standard RC receiver, which is much different than the method that you are attempting.

You will have to write some Arduino code for that IR sensor control the Zumo, but if you are just asking where to connect it, there are pins available on the front expansion of the Zumo. It looks like that sensor is analog, so you can choose any analog input pin, regulated 5V output pin, and ground pin that is available (and not being used for something else). The “Front expansion” section of the user’s guide has a diagram detailing which Arduino pin corresponds to each pin on the Zumo’s front expansion.


It´s Working!


It is really neat that you were able to do this and get it working so quickly. We would love to see a video of it in action!


uploaded video, hope you like it.

I need to use 2 libraries one for zumo shield and the other for IR sensor.

the next step was write codes,make mistakes and try things until robot works. it is a hard work but very reconfortable when finally it works.

If you Press Some buttons from the controller you can chose different movements.

Button 1: Slow

Button 2: Normal

Button 3: Fast



Thanks for reading.

( Ultrasonic sensor is the next step of the project)

Thank you for sharing and posting the video. That is really neat! We are looking forward to seeing what your Zumo will do with the ultrasonic sensor and how your Zumo project progresses; please continue to keep us updated.


Thank you for giving me the chance of sharing my project.

I Will update future works