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Zumo On Off Switch


Good afternoon

My daughter has just assembled a Zumo shield and robot and put the on off switch on the board but it appears to do nothing

When the batteries are put in the robot it comes to life but you cannot turn it off using the switch

Has anyone come across this problem before or know what may cause it





Do you have anything connected to your Zumo? Can you post pictures that clearly show your Zumo and your on/off switch? Can you also measure the battery voltage?



Hi Tony

She has a Arduino Clone attached to it and she can program the motors to move without issue … however the buzzer appears to have stopped working

This is the second shield we have tried … the first one would allow programming and the buzzer would work but it wouldn’t drive any motors

I have attached photos of the Zumo complete, without the Arduino and of the battery voltage

Thanks for your help



Thanks for the pictures. Since you are having two issues with one Zumo, and a separate issue with another, it seems like something in your process or handling might be the cause. Can you follow the disassembly instructions here under the “Assembling the Zumo Shield and chassis” section for both nonworking Zumo Shields and post pictures that clearly show the soldering?



Hi Tony

I will get her to work through that this afternoon. We have managed to rectify the buzzer issue on the current shield - not sure if it was the program she was playing round with or not

I will post some other photos this afternoon

Just as a note - last time we disassembled it I did put a meter onto the switch terminals but it appeared there was no voltage at all there - this was the same issue we had with the other shield




Hi Tony

Please find attached the photo of the soldering

I assume there should be a voltage at the common pin of the on/off switch? I have also checked that there is no solder shorting out the switch terminals that could be causing the issue - they are ‘clean’ from that point of view

I assume the on/off switch doesn’t require programming?

Kind regards



Thanks for the pictures. Some of your solder joints look like they might not be making very good connections. I recommend touching up the soldering on those pins. This Adafruit soldering guide has some good tips and references for what the solder joints should look like when you are finished. Could you try going over your soldering again to make it look more like the pictures in that guide?