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Zumo Obstacle avoidance using OpenMV camera

Hello guys,
i have a project where Zumo robot should avoid obstacle using an intelligent camera named OpenMV, the problem is i don’t know how can i link the camera to the zumo robot(wiring)?

please i need your help


Unfortunately, we do not have a specific guide for that. To figure out how to connect your camera, you will need to consult the user’s guide for your Zumo, which has information about the functionality of the pins, what pins are already connected to sensors, and how he could consider remapping things. I am not sure which Zumo you have, so here is a link the Zumo 32U4 user’s guide, and here is a link to the Zumo Shield for Arduino user’s guide. (Remember, if you are using the Arduino shield, you will also need to consider the specific Arduino you are using.)

Also, you might check out this blog post about a similar project involving connecting a camera to a Zumo. It might be a good reference to guide how you proceed with your project.

- Patrick