Zumo LMS303.init() hangs

I need advice on testing and debugging a Zumo Shield v1.2 (purchased as a pre-assembled robot). Newly downloaded libraries, Arduino IDE 1.6.7.

When LMS.init() is called, it hangs and does not return. The problem appeared in the collision sumo sketch, so I’ve isolated it with the Zumo LMS303 Serial example so nothing else is going on. The Serial monitor shows the loop when compass.init() is commented out in setup(), but never gets past the init() otherwise.

This is one of a set for a robot club and when the connected Arduino is on this one, nothing happens - transferred to the other Zumos, the Arduino/Zumo combo works.

I’m wondering how to systematically test a shield for functionality to see what’s up.


It sounds like you are trying to run the Serial.ino example in the lsm303-arduino library. Is that correct?

What Arduino board are you using? Has the Zumo that is unable to run the Serial sketch example ever worked before? Do you see any differences between the two Zumos (e.g. trace cut, jumper missing)? Can you post close-up pictures of both Zumo shields here?

You could try a continuity test using a multimeter to see if the I2C lines are connected to the respective Arduino header pins A4 (SDA) and A5 (SCL) on the board.

- Amanda