Zumo for Netduino

Hey everyone,

A week or two ago i was searching for how to make a Netduino work on a Zumo and have been unable to find anything so i decided to rewrite the ZumoMotors library in C# for use with the Netduino.

Link to the code on Github:

Link to my blogpost:



Thank you for sharing your blog and ZumoNetduino GitHub link on our forum. Do you have any plans to expand your library in the future?

- Amanda

Perhaps in the future, i suppose the other two missing libraries for the Zumo are the ZumoBuzzer and the ZumoReflectanceSensorArray. The next project will most likely be the ZumoReflectanceSensorArray library, but if anyone writes C# they can always contribute code through the github. Maybe when the project is complete we can transfer it to Pololu’s Zumo Github.