Zumo for arduino 5v pins

Ok I want to power my pi zero w from the 5 v pins but I’m not sure if it will support it. The only job the zero has is running it’s on board camera.


The 5V output on the Zumo for Arduino is supplied by the Arduino board and the Zumo shield uses it for some onboard features as well. I suspect the Arduino’s onboard regulator will not be able to supply enough current for your Rapsberry Pi Zero and camera. Do you know the combined current requirements of your Raspberry Pi Zero and all of the devices connected to it (e.g. camera, WiFi dongle, USB devices)?


It looks to be 230 ma. I’m running a separate power supply right now. I was hoping it would work to save on space.

The amount of current you can safely get from the Arduino’s 5V pin depends on how it is being powered. On the Zumo for Arduino, the Arduino is being powered via it’s VIN pin from the Zumo shield’s 7.45V regulator, so 230mA might be ok. It sounds like you might have tried measuring the current while the system is running. Please note that the current could vary while in use; if the current draw spikes too high, it might cause your Arduino to brownout and reset.


As long as I don’t see magic smoke I will test it.