Zumo Expansion Plate Fitting w/ Zumo (Solder) Kit

So I got a couple of Zumos, put them together with Arduinos, and loved them. I wanted to use them as a base for other projects, but when I got the “Expansion Plate” I don’t see a way to mount them without drilling a hole through the power button of the Arduino Uno. There are two screws that are exposed and can be used to mount the plate, but both of the other screws are under the Arduino.

Has anyone else come across this and found a workaround? The plate I am talking about can be found at pololu.com/product/1531 . Without heavily modification that will probably break either the Arduino or the Zumo i don’t see how it should be mounted. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Hello, OmegaNine.

While that expansion plate can be used with the Zumo, it was not designed for it, and we do not currently have any expansion plates designed specifically for the Zumo.

I have an expansion plate on my Zumo. It is mounted directly onto the Arduino using our male-female aluminum standoffs and the 4 mounting holes available on the Arduino itself.

- Jeremy

I feel short bus special. I never even thought about mounting it to the arduino. I had planned to trim down the plate a little before putting it on, so positioning will not be a big problem.

Thanks for the reply, I will try that.