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Zumo Code to 3pi+

I’m wondering if the ZUMO maze-solver code will run on the 3pi+ without extensive
modification? Thanks!

It is not clear which Zumo library you are referring to; we have two versions of the Zumo robot that both have a maze-solving example. If you are talking about the Zumo 32U4 Robot, the libraries should have similar interfaces and the overall strategy should still work for the 3pi+, but it will probably need a lot of tuning to account for some of the differences, like the sensor placement, motor speeds, and turning rates.


TU Brandon…it’s the 32U4 Zumo library. I did port the Zumo PID line-follower example
to the 3pi+ and it did essentially work after a tuneup. (Primarily the motor speeds…)
Thanks again!