Zumo_chase running backwards when it should be forward, help me pls !

Hello there! Why does my zumo runs backwards when pixy2 detected the object on the ground level and runs forward when the object is detected above the pixy2? It should be the reverse right?
I had already check “Left, right, forward and reverse are with respect to an imaginary (and tiny) driver-person sitting on the Zumo and facing forward.”
Thank you!


We do not carry the Pixy2 or have any examples for using it with either version of our Zumo robots, so the support we can offer for using them together is limited. If you can post some more information, I can take a look and see if there is anything obvious that could be happening. For example, I have seen a few different projects that use a Pixy2 with a Zumo; are you following a specific write-up somewhere? If so, could you link to it? Additionally, which Zumo robot are you using: the Zumo Robot for Arduino or the Zumo 32U4?