Zumo border detect example program giving error

Hi! I tried using the border detect program but then it gave me this error message. May I know how to troubleshoot this problem?

exit status 1
no matching function for call to ‘ZumoReflectanceSensorArray::ZumoReflectanceSensorArray(int)’


I moved your post to its own thread since it sounded unrelated to the previous post.

From the error you gave, it sounds like you might not have installed the libraries correctly. We have multiple versions of the Zumo robot: the Zumo Robot for Arduino or the Zumo 32U4 Robot. Since you are using the ZumoReflectanceSensorArray library, it sounds like you are using the Zumo Robot for Arduino. If this is the case, can you try following the instructions in the “Software” section of the GitHub page for the Zumo Shield Libraries? Please note that you will need to move each of the library folders into the “libraries” subdirectory inside your Arduino sketchbook directory (6 in total).

If you continue having problems after following those instructions, can you post a screen capture of the subdirectory you placed the Zumo library folders into?