ZUMO Arduino Shield Question

:question: What is the source of the +5V pinouts on the Front Expansion area of the ZUMO Arduino Shield? Is it from the shield regulator or from the +5V pin on the Arduino. Need to know what the max current load is for the +5V pinouts on the Front Expansion


5V is supplied from the 5V pin on the Arduino. The maximum current depends on the particular Arduino, but it is typically a few hundred mA.

- Kevin

You have to be a little careful how much you load the Arduino 5V regulators.
Most of those boards use a tiny SOT-223 part, and these will get hot if you
draw too much current from them. Even though they advertise “1 Amp”, they
are only good for about 0.5 watt dissipation. So, from Pd = Vdrop * Iload,

Iload = 0.5W / (7.45V - 5V) = 204 mA

And the Arduino board circuitry probably draws 50 mA or so already, and
add to that whatever the Zumo shield draws.