Zumo accelerometer LSM303DLHC


I’m looking for a way to disable the onboard accelerometer-module(lsm303dlhc).
I have my own module I want to use. I’m planning to increase the distance from the other components on my rig, so that I get less electromagnteic interference. Do I need to go into the code to disable it or is there a hardware solution?

sincerely regards



You shouldn’t have to disable the LSM303DLHC compass module on the Zumo Shield unless you are using a device with the same I2C address, like another LSM303DLHC. If that is the case, you can disable the on board compass by cutting the thin trace between each pair of the holes on the shield. More information can be found here.


Thanks, this worked really well.

- Øystein

Hi again.

I tried the hardware solution and it worked well.
I have another Zumo and i really want to try to disable the z axis (software solution). I have searched the web and i can’t find a solution. Is there a way?

- Øystein

I am not entirely sure what it is you are asking. There is an example program for the Zumo that ignores the z-axis of the compass here. Please let me know if that works for you.

- Jeremy