Zumo 32u4

Good afternoon, I have in my possession a zumo robot 32u4 and want to increase the engine power. I would like to put two batteries.
my question is: Could you put the two batteries or would affect any of the internal circuitry of the robot? And how much is the maximum voltage that can be supplied to the zumo robot 32u4?.
Thank you very much in advance.

It sounds like you are asking about adding batteries to the Zumo32U4 to increase the motor power. In its default configuration the Zumo32U4 can handle battery voltages as high as 10V, though you can raise the maximum allowable voltage to the motor drivers’ limit of 11 V by disconnecting or modifying the battery voltage divider. We mention this under the “Power” section of the Zumo32U4 user’s guide, which you can find under the “Resources” tab of its product page. Please note that while you can run DC motors at a higher voltage than they are rated for to increase their speed and torque, doing so could also start impacting the life of the motor. An alternative solution for making the Zumo32U4 faster might be to replace the Micro Metal Gearmotors you are using for ones with a different gear ratio.