Zumo 32U4 with Marvelmind Robotics


First post here, I hope I don’t get trashed.

I am actually attempting to make an autonomous robot/vehicle that is to be tested in a factory, currently, I have in hand with me, the Zumo 32U4 and a starter Indoor “GPS” HW4.9 kit by Marvelmind robotics. I noticed that the kit from Marvelmind has Arduino support, and that the Zumo bot that I have supports arduino and I2C. Is it possible to control the bot from the Marvelmind beacon?

I will be posting this on to Marvelmind’s forum as well to get more understanding and responses.

Thank you!

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If the Marvelmind beacon has an I2C interface, then it should be possible to control the Zumo 32U4 without sacrificing any of its other features. You can find more information and suggestions for expanding the Zumo 32U4 with additional electronics under the “Adding electronics” section in the Zumo 32U4 Robot User’s Guide.

- Amanda


Thank you for being our customer.

Our system gives your location of your mobile beacon. Like a real GPS does, but it works indoors and gives you ±2cm instead of usual 5-10m for GPS.

Additionally, you can send waypoints - where the robot shall go - via our Indoor “GPS”. But that is it. Our Indoor “GPS” is not an autopilot or robot’s controller. We are an Indoor “GPS”. You do need an external controller to drive your robot.

Yes, we have plenty of interfaces supported and Arduino is one of them: https://marvelmind.com/download/

We will be happy to answer your questions here or on info@marvelmind.com.

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