Zumo 32U4 Robot not recognised

Hey there,

I have gotten a Zumo robot for a school project.
I followed the steps on the manual and it worked fine, but after some tests it suddenly stopped working. The port section under tools in the arduino IDE is grayed out.

It seems that the problem depends on the computer. I use windows 10.
This is the error message I receive when I replug the USB:


I moved your post to the robots support section of the forum.

Can you try the methods described in the “Reviving an unresponsive Zumo 32U4” section of the Zumo 32U4 Robot user’s guide to see if that gets the Zumo working again? The most straight forward method is probably “The uploading-before-bootloader method” in the “Reviving using the Arduino IDE” section.

If that does not work, could you explain what happens when you go through that procedure and where it goes wrong?

- Patrick