Zumo 32U4 robot and Lidar-Lite

Question about adding a Lidar-lite sensor to Zumo 32U4 to avoid obstacles.

Location on the zumo board, tips, code? etc. would be really appreciated.

I couldn’t find any info using the Search function regarding Lidar-lite specific information. This information will be shared with my son, both of us are beginners. Thanks !!!

I found this image… general purpose i/o is where the sensor would go?


This is from the Lidar-Lite product page: lidarlite.com/docs/v2/connection_i2c_pwm/


You mention a Zumo32U4 Robot, however the picture you linked to is for our Zumo Robot for Arduino. Which of those are you interested in?


yes, I’m sorry for the confusion… the one that we bought is this one:


thank you!

You can find diagrams of the expansion areas and a table of pin assignments in the Expansion areas and Pin assignments sections of the Zumo 32U4 Robot User’s guide, which can be found under the Resources tab of our Zumo 32U4 robot product page. If you want to communicate with the LIDAR-lite over the I2C bus, you should be able to connect it directly to the I2C bus pins (SDA and SCL).


perfect, we really appreciate your feedback. My son will test and let you all know his results. Have you all used Lidar-lite in house? Seems like really cool technology.

thanks again!

Another one of our engineers experimented a little bit with one for a Sumo robot competition, but he decided one of our Sharp analog distance sensors worked better for his application. We would be interested to hear your results.


Sounds good… thank you!