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Zumo 32u4 maze solver issue

I have uploaded the MazeSolver example to my ZUMO 32U4.
I follow the directions for gyro calibration and line sensor calibration. So far so good.
Then I press the “A” button in order the maze exploration to begin. But, when Zumo reaches the first intersection, it starts to turn in endless circles.
Could you please indicate the reason of that robot’s reaction?
I have also sent to support@polulu.com the relevant video via WeTransfer.
Thank you in advance!

Further to previous message, please note that I bought recently my Zumo 23U4 assembled with 75:1 HP motors.
Download link of video showing the problem:


Hello, Christos.

Do you have the jumpers on the front sensor array installed on the DN2 and DN4 pins as specified in the comments of the MazeSolver.ino example? Please note that on the assembled Zumo 32U4 Robots, the jumpers come pre-installed on the LFT and RGT pins by default, as noted in the “Front sensor array (line and proximity sensors)” section of the Zumo 32U4 user’s guide.


Hello Brandon,
I’ve just installed the jumpers on the DN2 and DN4 pins and everything works fine.
Thank you!


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