Zumo 32u4 Kit assembly pitfall

First off, let me say that this is a great kit platform. For me it has a nice mix of built in features and possible modification. Nothing I could build would be so nicely integrated, and I say that while comparing my Uno based ad-hoc Zumo with your kit.
I recently completed this kit, and started checkout / demos. So far everything seems fine, but I discovered a mistake (mine) and I have a related comment, and question. The mistake was that I soldered the 3 pin jumper headers to the forward sensor array in the wrong 3 hole position. Not sure what the holes I used are for - probably access to the L and R IR sensor circuit. I have fixed my mistake, so if anyone can answer my question, I’m ready to continue the checkout. I stopped before loading the sensor array demo, because I couldn’t figure how to position the jumpers, which was when I found my mistake.

The comment: It would be nice if the assembly section of the manual pointed out more explicitly the correct location for the headers. I know there’s a picture, and I know the exchange rate, and I know it was my fault, still…

The question: I haven’t seen a schematic for this set of boards, so I’m wondering if I’ve damaged anything by installing a jumper across those incorrect pins. I loaded and ran the LCD demo, and the motor test demo, both of which loaded and ran properly.

It sounds like you might have installed the 3-pin headers in the front-most holes on the board. If that is the case, it is possible that something might have been damaged, depending on where the jumpers were installed. Have you tried moving the headers to the correct pins and testing with the sensor array demo to see if the sensor board works?

Thank you for the feedback about the assembly guide. Is there something in particular that you think we could add to make it more obvious and help prevent this mistake in the future?