Zumo 32u4 and maze solver error

Hi. I have 2 new zumo 32u4 with 75 to 1 motors. Both can line follow and pass all demo function tests. When we try the maze solver example both robots will calibrate fine. Press a again and the move along the line to the first intersection and then just spin left forever with an L on the lid.

The maze is black 3/4 tape on white paper with only 90 turns. The maze is very similar to others i have tested with earlier robots. The lcd shows the line sensors recognizing the line ok.

We have tried adjusting sensor thresholds and speeds but we always get the same result with both robots. Suggestions?


Solved! The maze solver requires the jumper of the line sensors to be changed. It was in the notes, but we didnt understand that it was not the standard config. Works now.


Hello, Rob.

Thank you for letting us know you found the problem and were able to solve it.