Zumo 32u4 75:1 Cannot find the specs of encoders and wheels anywhere

Sorry for using this blog, but I have been reading and browsing for 2 days now. I purchased an assembled model and I need some simple specs for basic odometry in my scripting.
What is the actual amount of clicks per revolution of the encoders?
What is the diameter (pref in mm) of the wheels?
I need these numbers for speed and distance calculations (like: rpm*clicks per revolution / wheel perimeter).
Like stated: I do have been reading a lot, including the library and examples coding, but still couldn’t find these facts.


You should be able to find more details about those components in the Zumo 32U4 robot user’s guide. Under the “Configurations and included components” section, there is a link to the Zumo Chassis Kit’s product page, which has a dimension section (near the bottom of the page) showing the height (39 mm) of the treads on the assembled chassis. The encoders used on the Zumo 32U4 have a resolution of 12 counts per revolution (CPR) of the motor shaft when counting both edges of both channels. The CPR for a 75:1 motor is 909.7. You can see the calculation details in the “Quadrature encoders” section in the user’s guide.

- Amanda

Thank you! This is axactly what I was looking for. Must be the age; I kept
on reading over and over.
Again: sorry for using your forum for this.