Zumo (#2510) drive sprocket removal?

Aloha -

Are the drive sprockets of a pre-assembled Zumo glued onto the shafts, so no slip off in the dohyo?

edit: The reason I ask is desire to install a few header pins in aft row of expansion area. To do that requires removal of drive sprockets, per secxn 2b of Zumo UG. After a couple attempts, it seems sprockets are recalcitrant to removal from drive shaft.



The drive sprockets are not glued; they are press fit onto the drive shafts tight enough that I do not expect them to come off during a sumo match. If you need to remove them, you might try finding something to press against the drive shaft as you pull off the sprocket.

- Grant

Thanks Grant - I just found some scrap flat stock for make up a small gear puller. These are a crazy tight friction fit. Mahalo - Mark

I just destroyed a Zumo for the very same reason – I really needed headers on a preassembled robot and I had to try and disassemble it to get the headers on.

Moving forward, adding headers in the outer pin rows for preassembled robots would be super nice.


I am sorry you had trouble trying to get the headers onto your Zumo. I have passed your suggestion along to the other engineers here.

- Grant

Just to update in re removal of drive sprocket from Zumo, with what I found to work.

I passed a #2-56x1/2" SS machine bolt through a piece of 5mm birch board, and fastened with washer and nut. This left about 6mm of bolt standing up. Standing the Zumo on its side, and placing a small piece of cardboard under idler sprockets, the exposed machine bolt was then centered on the motor drive shaft. Downward pressure was applied to the drive sprocket, releasing sprocket far enough for fingertip removal.

A hui hou.