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Zumo 2509

I purchased a Zumo 2509 v1.2, the1419 Reflectance Sensor Array, and a couple of 100:1 motors.
After soldering the kit together, I uploaded the example sketch for border detecting. Once I turned the main power on (after disconnecting from the PC) the right front motor turns a little bit and then stops. The sensor array never lights up and the Zumo doesn’t move. I am using fresh batteries.
The Zumo shield lights up.

I need some help figuring out what is wrong with the Zumo.


Can you try running the ZumoMotorExample from our library and let me know what happens? Can you also post some pictures of your Zumo and sensor array, including ones that show all of your soldered connections (like one of the top of the shield without the Arduino installed)?

- Patrick

Thank you for posting those pictures. The soldering I can see mostly looks okay, although there is one pin on the sensor array that looks like it might not be fully wetted, so you should fix that.

Did you try the motor example program like I suggested yet? Also, what Arduino are you using with your Zumo?

- Patrick

Resoldered the weld on the sensor array and uploaded the sketch to the Uno.
The motors spin back and forth! Uploaded the BorderDetect sketch and the Zumo won’t move.
The sensor array lights up now.

Can you tell me everything that happens when you turn your robot on with the BorderDetect program loaded and what happens when you press the user pushbutton to start the example? What do the yellow user LED and the buzzer do?

- Patrick

The zumo moves the treads, but they only click, take the treads off and they spin like mad.
I have 100:1 motors not the 75:1
I know I need to tune the motors to get the performance I want.

It is still not clear from your short description how you are testing the Zumo and what is happening in each case. Can you post a video that demonstrates how your are testing the ZumoMotorExample program (both holding the Zumo in the air during the test and testing it on the ground) and the BorderDetect program? The forum does not allow users to post very large videos, but it does work well with videos linked from other sites (like YouTube or Vimeo).

Does anything bind or get stuck if you try to rotate the each of the four sprockets on the robot without the tread installed while it is unpowered?

Also, can you post a link to the exact page that you got your motors from?

- Patrick