Zumo 2040 reboots on contact

Hello I have a pre-assemled Zumo 2040, when it makes a collision with another robot, or even a slight tap it causes the robot to reboot. I haven’t made any modifications to the pre-assembled robot. I tried stuffing aluminum foil in the contacts to ensure the batteries are snug and it made no noticeable difference. It reboot with such little impact I doubt it is the batteries coming loose.

It is very strange because it is specifically rebooting when two robots touch (collide or even slightly bump). If I shake the robot, thump it with my hand or tap it on a hard surface I can not trigger a reboot.

The robot will reboot if it is running a script or if it is simply idling in the main menu.

I have linked two videos to demonstrate this issue. The robot with the red wheels is the 2040 that keeps rebooting, the 32u4 (on bluetooth controls) is fine. I really appreciate any ideas to help.



That does seem strange. What kind of batteries are you using? Do you have any other batteries you can try (preferably new or freshly charged)?


I have tried with fresh batteries, and swapped batteries between my 2040 and 32u4, consistent reboots on the 2040.

Thank you for the additional information. At this point, it is probably best if we can take a look at the robot ourselves to try to determine what’s going on with it. Please email us with your order information and a reference to this thread so we can issue you a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number and provide you with return instructions.