XBot: An Autonomous Mobile Robot


XBot is an autonomous mobile robot which can be programmed to perform various navigational routines. This is done by programming its on-board ATMEGA8535 microcontroller (or microcomputer if you prefer). Four Infa-Red sensors along with a rotating ultrasonic sensor are used for measuring the distances of the various obstacles that the robot encounters and - of course – avoiding them! Two optical encoders are used to accurately measure the rotation of the wheels and provide feedback to the controller. Using this data from the encoders and some simple mathematical equations, the robot is able to “know” at any given time its exact position (x, y and theta). The robot is also equipped with a “line sensor” with the aid of which it can perform what is known as Line Following (e.g. follow a black or white line drawn on a white or black background). Some other of the robot’s peripherals are listed below:

  • 1 PIR sensor: to detect human presence
  • 1 Radio Data Link: for telemetry purposes
  • 1 Alphanumeric LCD (20x4): mainly for debugging purposes
  • 1 Battery level sensor
  • 3 Push buttons: to provide a basic user input unit

For more information please visit http://www.robotix.gr where you can find a detailed article about XBot.[/url]