XBEE module with DROIDS board

Hi everybody
I am trying to activate a wireless connection from serial port using two XBEE boards each one plugged on a board 990.001 from DROIDS. I connected the serial points RX, TX, gnd, DTR and RTS to the pin of the DROIDS board on the PC side. I powered the DROIDS board and the XBEE module activated. I am now trying to program the XBEE via X_CTU sw from DIGI. I cannot connect to the XBEE while the port seems to work properly.

ANy idea thank you in advance


I’m successfully using Xbee modules now, and they rock. At first i had trouble getting them worked out, but they have (or used to at least) live-chat tech support during business hours from their website. Between their tech support at the X-CTU program you should be able to get them working. Also dont bother with the handshaking protocol unless you absolutely need it. Mine pretty much worked the second i plugged them into my breadboard (after painstaking sottering up a 2mm adapter).