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WS2812S LED strips and Wixel, example


I have created an example on driving the WS2812B based LED strips from the Wixel SPI interface. I have not bothered though to make any radio or USB control interface to alter the LED pattern or so. I use 4 bits to encode the ONE and ZERO patterns required by the WS2812S spec. This unfortunately wastes a bit of memory.
The ‘service’ function updates the LED pattern and initiates the DMA transfer.

If one want to solder a bit, it is possible to use tow PWM channels and just use one bit on the wixel to represent a WS2812B bit. One of the PWM channels generates the pattern for a ZER0 bit and the other PWM channel the pattern for a ONE bit. This requires for instance a a 74HC153 circuit that alters between the PWM channels depending on SPI output.

If you find the source code useful or wasteful, please provide feed back.

main.c (9.13 KB)

Hello, Mattias.

Thanks for sharing your Wixel app! We have added a link to your post to the list of Wixel apps on our forum.

- Amanda