WS2812 30 led strip repair?

My strip was working fine, and now its not… 2 leds light up blue… I suspect something got bent or crimped… think there is a way of measuring continuity from led to led on the data pin and the 5v pin to see if there is a broken spot that can be jumpered? (I know… I can get a new one for another $17, but I’m way thrifty…). Anyone ressurected an expired strip?


Can you tell me more details about how the LED strip is behaving? You mention two LEDs lighting up blue; what are the other 28 doing when this happens? Where on the strip are the two blue ones located? Can you post some pictures of the problem?

Are you using an Arduino to control the LED strip? Have you tried the examples in our Arduino library for addressable RGB LED strips (such as the LedStripRainbow example)?

By the way, are you taking any of the precautions mentioned in the warning box found under the “Connecting the LED strip” heading of the LED strip’s product page?