Wixels -- that was quick

This has to be the fastest I’ve ever got two pieces of harware talking to each other:



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Hello, Colin! I’m glad it was so easy for you! Thanks for sharing that video.



I didn’t want to start a new topic just to say how impressed I am.

I got two Wixels today, plugged them in, installed the config app and drivers, the SDK, built and downloaded the sample apps, all as per instructions on the website, all worked first time.

I’ve already started work on my own app using Eclipse, and I can’t believe how easy you’ve made the process of writing and loading software onto these little things. The only problems I’ve met are due to my own misunderstandings of how to program for the MC.

Awesome product, great work putting it all together. I’m blown away.


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Hi, David.

Thanks for the kind words; we are happy you are enjoying the Wixels!

- Ryan