Wixels configuration with arduino


my doubt is about wixels usage on the serial ports of arduino serial monitor ,
what i mean to say is can i send data from wixel which is connected to my laptop computer through USB port and then running the USB to serial app and then select the serial port named after the wixel say COM4 and select this COM4 in the arduino terminal that is to select the serial port as COM4 and then open the arduino serial monitor named COM4 and start writing data to the serial ports is this possible or not am not aware but i want to know whether this is possible ?

ashwin j

Yes that would be possible. However, I do not think the Wixel goes through all the crap to create a fake “real” com port, I believe it is a virtual com port. Just fyi.

yes that is possible i already tried it this evening and found this to be a good start up before getting on to create a vb serial com port