Wixelcmd on arm-based linux


I was wondering if the kind folks at Pololu would make a version of the wixelcmd commandline tool available for an ARM-processor Linux. I actually do my development on a SheevaPlug, a small low-power SoC running Arch linux. I can compile all of the apps, but I have no means of interfacing/programming the two wixels I have. If needed, I would gladly compile it for you.


We have no immediate plans to support ARM Linux, but we might do it eventually. Do you know if libusb 1.0 works on your platform?


Absolutely! I’ve had success using avrdude interrogating avrs through my buspirate.
I’m not at home right now, but I believe the version of libusb is 1.0.8-2…

The Raspberry Pi runs ARM Linux. raspberry-pi.org . It would be a great platform to support because there will be millions and millions of them. They only cost $35!