Wixel with nrf24


I’m new to wixel but I have made some applications with Nordic nRF24 series transceiver chips.
I ordered my wixels but haven’t received them yet.

I wonder whether it is possible to make a wixel communicate with a nRF24L01+ for instance.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they use the same modulation (GPSK) technique.
But not sure if they use the same preamble and CRC methods.

Can you enlighten me? Thanks…

Hello, chavush.

As far as we know, the nRF24L01+ radio is not compatible with the CC2511 on the Wixel. I compared section 7.3 (Enhanced Shockburst packet format) of the nRF24L01+ datasheet to section 13.8.2 (Packet Format) of the CC2511 datasheet, and it looks like the nRF24L01P+ uses a 9-bit packet control field while all of the fields in the CC2511’s packet are multiples of 8 bits. I think this is just one of many differences between the two radios so I doubt you could make them communicate.